Surface Micro-Sealer is a cherry-scented, clear-coat micro-sealer and wax. Though formulated for high pressure application, it may also be applied using low pressure. This product may be applied alone to a surface. This product will promote a shine on the surface as well as assist in drying. A highly concentrated, special blend of active ingredients that rinse easily to leave a uniform, glossy, protective film that is bonded to finishes. Adds luster to home exteriors, vehicles, and decreases drying time due to improved beading of rinse water. Protects finishes against rust, corrosive salts, and oxidation. Cationic, non-petroleum base, contains no solvent. Will not leave film on windows. Super high dilution rate.

For use in:

  • Mobile Homes
  • Houses/Siding
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Cars/Trucks